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2019Two essays on equilibrium analysis of customer's queueing behaviorHuang, Fengfeng
2016Two essays on formal institutions and debt financeLi, Mengyuan
2012Two essays on IPO underpricingChen, Yibiao
2017Two essays on liner shipping network designXia, Jun
2013Two essays on managing inventory and production systems with poisson demandLi, Qingying
2019Two essays on mergers and acquisitionsGong, Zhaoran
2018Two essays on reduction of fake reviewsWu, Pengkun
2018Two essays on risks and returns in operations managementYiu, Lik Man Daphne
2018Two essays on the behavioural aspect of operations management : employee attributes and customer participationGuo, Yujuan
2000Two essays on the role of accounting information in firm valuation : empirical evidence from JapanHo, Sandra Wai-man
2014Two essays on the role of institutional investors in IPOLi, Gao
1996Two heads are better than one : a new model of team teaching in ESP classes in a Hong Kong Technical InstituteTang, Thomas Ming-keung
2000Two variational problems in classical differential geometryWong, Chong-yung
2006A two-phase approach to solve manpower scheduling and task assignment problem in aircraft maintenance industryWang, Yingna
2004Two-stage flow-shop scheduling with due windows to minimize earliness/tardiness penaltiesYeung, Wing-kwan
2006Two-tier wages and organizational justice : a study of social workers in Hong KongCheung, Moon-wah
2014Type 1 interferon-inducible anti-viral genes expression in dendritic cells during DENV-2 infectionChan, Chun Ting
2004Types of large shareholders, corporate governance, and firm performance : evidence from China's listed companiesXu, Liping
2001Typical electrical load profile for demand side management (DSM) opportunity identification in a hotel building in Hong KongLeung, Kwok-kin Eric
2018Ultimate limit state analysis in geotechnical engineering using discrete element method, plasticity and extremum principleLi, Na