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1993Achieving optimum machining accuracy in EDM die-sinking of particulate metal matrix compositesPoon, Sui-kwong
1993An analysis of the gaps in the conceptual model of service quality : a case study in the outboard industryTang, Wing-shing
1993Applicability of soft approaches to information systems analysis and design : the perspective of organizational stakeholders in a government engineering maintenance workshop in Hong KongChan, Cheong-ping
1993Application of quantitative analysis in developing decision support system - using horse racing as an illustrationTam, Kin-shung
1993Applying CADD technology in the management of Hong Kong Telephone external plant networkHong, Kwok-fai
1993Artificial intelligence in telecommunications : the use of expert system shell for network control by object-oriented techniqueChan, Chi-kin Ricky
1993A comparative study on the analysis and design of rigid, pinned and semi-rigid jounted trussesKoon, Chi-ming
1993Comparison of constitutional systems and legislative procedures in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the People's Republic of China with a view to developing a suitable bills procedure for Hong KongLaw, Kam-sang
1993Conflict management styles of Japanese and Chinese bank managers in Hong Kong : a cross-cultural comparative studyHo, Lai-hong Richard
1993Critical success/failure factors : their identification & application in respect of local retail chain store franchise in Hong KongSin, Federick Wai-hung
1993Current status of DSS use in Hong KongNg, Wai-sang Vincent
1993Data communication with wireless networkFung, Wai-keung Patrick
1993Data exchange in computer system for building teamChow, Kwok-hung
1993Deregulation of public bus services in Hong Kong : a study of its strategic implications on the public bus service industryLeung, Yin-fun Fanny
1993Development of a zero compliance tool holder for precision turning machineChan, Ka-wing
1993Development of an ISO 9000 quality system for magnetic head manufacturePoon, Sai-wah Jeremy
1993Do acquisition & merger activities increase shareholders' wealth : evidence from Hong Kong Stock MarketLo, Kam-fai Catrick
1993Does IT/IS make the quantity surveying in Hong Kong Government more effective?Tang, Lai-ying Amy
1993Evaluation of the impact of suppliers' customer service on Hong Kong tertiary institutions' buying decisions : a case study of micro-computer purchase in the tertiary institutionsYuen, Sum-tin
1993Expert systems : the threshold of improving effectiveness in building construction cost estimatingChan, Chi-kai