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2000Application of data mining techniques to mixed fragmentation design in relational databaseLaw, Dik-man
2000The application of hurdle technology (temperature, chemicals and enzymes) in preserving black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) freshnessSin, Man-shing Andrew
2000The application of information technology to the club industry : a case study of a private club in Hong KongSuen, Yat-heung Eunice
2000Application of maintenance management in Hong Kong tertiary institutionsYiu, Tuen-chi
2000Application of partial discharge monitoring to high voltage rotating machinesLeung, Yui-ching
2000Application of queueing theory to evaluate changes in service level and enhancement for an air cargo terminalChoy, Chiu-kwan Peter
2000Application of tabu search algorithm for vehicle routing problemLai, Chung-hei
2000The applications of information technology in Hong Kong electronics industryChan, Kwok-kuen
2000Approximation of a fractal curve using feed-forward neural networksHo, Wai-shing
2000Are franchisees really entrepreneurial?Lee, Siu-on Patrick
2000Assessing the environmentally beneficial use of putrescible waste in Hong KongTse, Chi-hin
2000Assessment of dynamic responses and acceptance criteria for steel warren truss footbridges in Hong Kong with respect to pedestrian-induced vibrationsLi, Wai-man
2000Assessment of public area lighting for buildings of the Hong Kong Housing AuthorityLee, Ho-leung
2000Assessment of stability of nailed soil cut slopes under seismic excitations in Hong KongIeong, Kwok-lun
2000An assessment of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council as an agent of arts development in Hong KongSiu, Man-yin
2000Automated form readingChu, Kim-ching
2000Background separation and mosaic of video sequenceChau, Hin-ling
2000A balance of car ownership under user demand and road network supply conditionsTam, Mei-lam
2000Bandwidth allocation algorithms in ATM networksLaw, Man-man
2000Battery energy storage system for transient stability enhancement and power system damping improvementTsang, Man-wai