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2022Addressing the resonance : narratives of migrant social workers working with young migrant workers in ChinaChen, Ka Kit Timothy
2014Administrative skills for social workers : an exploratory study on what is taught? What is practised?Wong Fung-yee Margaret
2019Advocacy in social work practice and education in Hong Kong : how can it be learnt?Cheung, Kin Sum
2020All join together for better rehabilitation : an exploratory study on interprofessional collaborative practice in home care rehabilitation service in Hong KongLo, Kai-yeung Kaiser
2016Client satisfaction with residential services amongst children and adolescents with social and emotional maladjustmentNg, Wing Tung Peter
2022Collaborative partnership between social service NGOs and private funders in Hong Kong : roles of social capitalChan, Suk Yan
2013Conditions for building mentoring relationship : a study of "Beijing intensive community mentoring"Yao, Kin-hing Paul
2013Disaster victims' needs and institutional provision : a study on the disaster relief and reconstruction model of China --- a case study with the '5.12' Wenchuan earthquakeChen, Hongli
2020The effectiveness of an intergenerational toy programme on enhancing quality of later life and reducing stereotypes about older Chinese adults in Hong KongLam, King-yee
2021The effects of the original Zentangle method for older adults with depressive symptoms : a randomised waitlist controlled trialChan, Chun Yiu Henri
2019Employment of disadvantaged groups in a social enterprise, Café de Verseau in Hong Kong : a practitioner research study on social work interventionTang, Chung Keung
2014Enhancing critical reflection in psychiatric rehabilitation : an exploratory study of reflective writing and co-reflectionYeung, Yee-yu
2017Experience of the oppressed : the case of frontline female social workers in social service agencies with patriarchal cultureKwan, Vivien
2016An exploratory study of help-seeking behaviour of Chinese male victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) in Hong KongTsang, Wai-hung Wallace
2020An exploratory study of rehabilitation of correctional services in Hong Kong : the implications of social work training for frontline custodial officersLeung, Kin-ip Kenneth
2018Exploratory study of social workers' experiences related to burnout in Shenzhen, mainland ChinaWan, Kin-man
2019An exploratory study on pedagogical change when using mother tongue in Hong Kong social work educationWoo, Chi-wood
2019An exploratory study on the alternative post-disaster intervention in response to the voices of the survivors in a post-disaster rural community in Sichuan, ChinaYam, Kong
2017Exploratory study on the conceptions and challenges in social work helping relationships among the social workers in Guangdong ChinaLo, Yuen-shan
2021An exploratory study on the experience of older husband caregivers in Hong KongWong, Kit Yu