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2023Will perceived competitiveness at work make one more coherent? roles of perceived error tolerance and reporting coworkers’ errorsYan, Jingwen
2003Will shareholding reform improve the performance of banks in China?Zhang, Sisi
2000The willingness of nurses in setting challenging goals : the influence of organizational factors as moderated by professionalismChan, Po-yin Vivian
2013Willingness to accept seasonal influenza vaccine : a cross-section study of pupil nurses studying in a School of General Nursing at Grantham Hospital in Hong KongLeung, Lai Ching
2012Wind data analysis of a slender supertall structureWang, Bo
2017Wind effects on atrium smoke exhaust by ceiling ventSun, Qian
2011Wind forecast impact on power system operationLam, Sheung-kwan
2001Wind induced vibration of a tall building and its control using linear viscous dampersChan, Wai-kee
2012Wind power forecastingHuang, Chen
2010Wind property and wind response analysis of Guangzhou New TV Tower during typhoonsTan, Yanxiong
2019Wind resistance tests of metal roofing systems under dynamic actionsLi, Jianjun
2019Wind tunnel experimental study of variable-pitch propeller efficiency for VTOL UAV applicationIp, Shu Chuen Chris
2010Winning e-commerce strategy for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to meet customers' needs in Hong Kong and greater China regionHo, Ka-wing Gavin
1995Wire electrical discharge machining of aluminium-based metal matrix composite materialsChan, Tak-wing
2000Wireless ATM network study and performance analysis of the Dynamic Packet Reservation Multiple Access protocolChung, Kin-ting
2020Wireless power transfer via iPadZhang, Yuhang
1996Withdrawal cognitions of employee turnover : an investigation of its predictors and moderatorsChan, Mei-ying, Sheron
1997Withdrawal cognitions of employee turnover : an investigation of its predictors and moderatorsCheung, Ching-han Grace
2021Withdrawal of management earnings guidance during the COVID-19 pandemicAaron, Aurelius
2002Women's participation in community-based grassroots organizations : oppression or liberation?Yu, Fung-ying