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2014D.H. Lawrence's writing style in oudour of chrysanthemums : a linguistic studyZhou, Junjun
2017Describing extended meanings in a corpus of letters to Hong KongWong, Shu Yi Athena
1999Determinants of long-term buyer-seller relationships : an analysis from a buying office's perspective in Hong Kong apparel industrySiu, Lai-kam
1999Development of a new quality improvement process in Hong Kong dyeing and finishing factoryChan, Kwok-keung Nelson
2000The development of competitive brand strategies for marketing Hong Kong based menswear in ChinaLeung, Wai-wah Wells
2001Development of utility for measuring the technological development of Hong Kong's clothing industryHo, Kai-chiu
1999Development of vendor evaluation system for US clothing buying office in Hong KongLaw, Wai-ming Raymond
2013Disambiguating the ambiguities in natural language processing by using UML modelsWang, Lu
2013Discourse analysis of gender construction with reference to conversational humor in the situational comedy friendsYu Yating, Tiffany
2014Discourse analysis of the characterization of the protagonist Noah of The NotebookChen, Jie Jessie
2014Discourse-analytic research on international trade disputes : taking Sino-European trade disputes of solar panel imports as an exampleWang, Shuting
1997Divorce and its adaptation experienced by single fathers in Hong Kong : an exploratory studyChan, Chun-cheong
1996Does the use of the dictionary help students in their reading comprehension and cloze exercises?Wong, Winnie Wai-ling
1997The effect of glossing on L2 comprehension and vocabulary learning : an experimental studyLeung, Siu-hong
1995The effect of mode of presentation in the testing of listening comprehensionKasten, Keven Sterling
2020The effect of task-based online group work on foreign language anxietyZhou, Lin
2018The effectiveness of different captioned movie genres on learning phrasal verbs: a case study of a group of secondary school form 4 students in Hong KongLoy, Yue-man Charles
2017The effectiveness of incidental acquisition of morphological knowledge in adolescent second language learners in Hong KongCheung, Yuk-ching Serina
2015The effectiveness of synthetic phonics teaching on young students' English reading and spelling ability : an action research case study of a primary one class in Hong KongTam, Siu Ying Margaret
2000Effects of store music on the behaviour of fashion shoppersLi, Tak-nga Kathy