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2003Academic entrepreneurshipLam, Lui
2003ACTION 進入醫藥商業管理軟件銷售市場可行性研究報告王己任; Wang, Jiren
1994AMT adoption for business integrated manufacturing strategyMa, Bik-kiu
1999An analysis of critical elements affecting project management in Hongkong TelecomWong, Hoi-sang
2001Analysis of international sporting goods market competition and strategies in the Asia/Pacific region with emphasis on competitive advantage towards market leadershipWong, Po-cheong
1993An analysis of the gaps in the conceptual model of service quality : a case study in the outboard industryTang, Wing-shing
1997An analysis of the quality factors & benefits in the local shipping companiesTang, Ping-wah Samuel
1999The applicability of jit to improve operational performance : a simulation approachCheng, Siu-mui
1995The applicability of the Porter and Lawler motivation model in a disciplinary service : Hong Kong immigration service, Airport DivisionYu, Yiu-ming Alexander
2000The applications of information technology in Hong Kong electronics industryChan, Kwok-kuen
2000Are franchisees really entrepreneurial?Lee, Siu-on Patrick
1997An attempt to explain the reasons why industrial equipment suppliers issue non-complying quotations during the tender stage by a survey of their beliefs and attitudesBrown, Walter James
1998Attitude towards Internet advertising in the Hong Kong contextTam, Yu-chau
1999Attitude towards upward appraisal : differences between managers and subordinates : an empirical study in electronic component distributorLeung, Chun-wah
2002Attitudes of the Hong Kong contractors towards the implementation of environmental management systemLeung, Ka-fai Kelvin
1999Awareness of strategic information technology among small businesses in the Hong Kong service sectorJudge, Cecelia M
2003BDCC 公司策略廖慶偉; Liao, Qingwei
2004BFZQ 華強北路營業部客戶滿意度研究報告牛秋芳; Niu, Qiufang
1999Big five traits personality model and job satisfaction in the accounting-related professions in Hong KongLee, Kuen-chiu Sherman
1999Brand building and its role as an integral part of strategy in China marketing : with a case study on Kaiser fashion and guidelines for building Kaiser into a strong brandLau, Wai-yee Susanna