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2010Natural lighting by light pipe and fiber optics for lift lobbies of local buildingsLui, Sze-kwun
2012Natural lighting for enclosed corridor by optical fibersZhao, Peiwen
1999Natural smoke filling process in atriaWong, Pui-fun Derick
2012Natural ventilation in dormitoryWei, Chen
2009A new engineering approach for indoor air quality management in buildingWong, Chun-sing
2015Noise barriers with non-uniform edge impedanceLi, Sijie
2010Noise effects on office productivityLui, Yin-park Patrick
2002Noise reduction by balcony on building facadeWu, Kam-chiu
2012A novel thermal storage based reverse cycle defrosting method and the operating performance evaluations for an air source heat pumpQu, Minglu
2015Numerical analysis of heat transfer and airflow in double skin facades integrated with amorphous silicon PV cellsSun, Mingqing
2012Numerical analysis on the thermal impact of vegetation on air flow in street canyonLi, Guangyin
2010Numerical and experimental analysis of heat transfer and airflow in double skin facades with integrated amorphous silicon PV cellsHan, Jun
2011Numerical and experimental investigation on particle deposition and distribution in ventilation duct bendsSun, Ke
2007Numerical and experimental study of personalized ventilationGao, Naiping
2004Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer in desiccant coated rotary dehumidifiersZhang, Huan
2011Numerical simulation of room airflow using different types of ventilation methodsLeung, Chi
2001Numerical studies of fire and sprinkler induced air flows in atriaYin, Rumin
2010Numerical study of smoke movement in an inclined tunnel with wind effectCheung, Sheung Kwan
2015Numerical study on deposition of bioaerosols under different ventilation systemsChing, Chin Hung
2016A numerical study on dispersion and deposition of bioaerosols in a classroomNie, Xingxin