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1999The fuzzy expert system for personal investment strategyWong, Wilson
1999Fuzzy expert system for target marketing planning of an electronics manufacturing companyTong, Ka-hung Shereen
1997A fuzzy expert system prototype for credit analysisLam, Man-fat Gordon
1998Fuzzy rule extraction from neural networkWong, Chak-wing
2007The fuzzy time series prediction system using chaos theory and fractal dimensionKwong, Ng-fung
2013Game strategy indexing, learning and optimization in real time strategy (RTS) games using soft computing techniquesNg, Hiu Fung
2005Gene expression data and cancer correlation analysis by Emerging Pattern Based Projected ClusteringYu, Tsz-him
2006A genetic algorithm based approach for clustering categorical dataLee, Ho-kei Sean
1998A genetic algorithms approach to material handling hoist scheduling with time window constraintsChan, Siu-cheung
2007Genomic sequence search and clustering using Q-gramYuen, Man-chun
1997A geographic information system for dynamic path finding and route planning systemCheng, Wai-pun
1999Global transaction management in the Internet environmentLeung, Hin-chun
2012GPU accelerated hot term extraction from user generated contentCheng, Ming Fung
2009A graph based evolutionary algorithmWong, Shing-yue Samuel
2012Graph based image segmentation and evaluationPeng, Bo
2011Graph mining applied on social mediaWu, Chunxue
1999Graphical representation of 4-dimensional information space (4DIS) using virtual reality modelling language (VRML)Cheng, Chi-ho
2005Group-based data and location management in mobile environmentsLam, Hoi-kit
2013Group-based techniques for identifying top-k degrees in hidden bipartite graphsWang, Jianguo
2005A guidebook for intellectual property issues in software outsourcing project managementChai, Wei