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2010D-miner : discovering potential young drug abusersZhao, Guangyu
2015Data acquisition and transmission in smart vehicle based community sensingHe, Zongjian
2017Data center technology and managementLau, Kin Sun
1993Data communication with wireless networkFung, Wai-keung Patrick
2010Data dissemination and sharing in mobile computing environmentsFan, Xiaopeng
1993Data exchange in computer system for building teamChow, Kwok-hung
2006Data mining for VOD service consumption features researchXia, Jinguang
2011Data mining in soccer matchLiu, Zhen
2007Data stream mining : techniques and applicationsWang, Gang
1999A data warehouse design for university information systemsTong, Suet-fan
1999Data warehousing support for mobile environmentLee, Chi-keung Ken
2019Data-driven analytics of human dynamics using privacy-sensitive dataShen, Jiaxing
2021Data-driven deep reinforcement learning for decision-making applicationsWang, Jia
2011Decision support queries on graph data : answering which-pair queriesLuk, Ming-hay
1992A decision support system for a foundryPan, Sai-nung
1994A decision support system for capital investmentWong, Ip-tong Vincent
1994Decision support system for carpark management in pulic housing estates under the privatization schemeChow, Yiu-hing Rita Anna
1992Decision support system for selection of newspaper articlesChow, Ling-ling Margaret
1999A decision support system for the preliminary selection of wastewater treatment alternativesTang, Wan-chung
1996A decision support system to assess risk in a credit card applicationFong, Chung-leung Gerald