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2013Development of driver and color control system for high-power RGB LEDNg, Sau Kin Nick
2008Development of gallium nitride-based ultraviolet detectorsLui, Hsian-fei Hardy
2001Development of multiresolution time domain method for electromagnetic communication applicationsCao, Qunsheng
2005Development of sliding mode controllers for DC-DC convertersTan, Siew-chong
2000Development of video-on-demand system (VOD) in desktop environmentChan, Wing-kin
2021Device engineering approaches towards high performance perovskite solar cellsZhang, Hengkai
2013Digital camera identification for forensics applicationsChan, Lit Hung
2021Digital design and optimization of ultimate-shannon-limit-approaching channel codesJiang, Sheng
1999Digital money on the InternetYau, Leroy
2007Digital video browsing using efficient bitstream switching techniquesIp, Tak-piu
2017Direct detected polarization multiplexed short reach optical communication systemsHuang, Xuan
2018Direction finding and polarization estimation, using electrically long dipoles or electrically large loopsKhan, Salman
2017Direction finding using two differential sensors of possibly unequal orders, with perpendicular orientation and possible displacementSu, Da
2000Dissertation report of electronic information systemMou, Kai-ming
2000Dissertation report of multiple channel active noise cancellingNg, Chung-yee
2019Distributed dynamic optical fiber sensing systems based on light scattering techniquesJin, Chao
2014Distributed optical fibre sensing system based on Brillouin scatteringMao, Yuan
2012Diversely polarized antenna-array signal processingYuan, Xin
1999Dynamic channel assignment and handoff analysis in an indoor wireless environmentLam, Siu-kei
2021Dynamic distributed optical fiber sensors based on digital optical communication techniquesYan, Yaxi