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2014The effect of calculative orientation towards ethical behavior, ethical leadership and team ethical climate on employee's work behavior : a combinational perspectiveLi, Man Hong
2017The effects of a country's soft power on FDI flowsDu, Zihua
2015The effects of customer participation on customer citizenship behaviour : the mediating role of interpersonal attraction and its boundary conditionsChu, Kwan Siu Candace
2015Effects of e-loyalty program and social media marketing activity on brand relationship qualityLee, Tak Lee Norman
2018The effects of justice and governance on relationship commitmentLi, Kwong Tak
2016The effects of the strategic choice of entrepreneurial firms on firm performance : an empirical research蒋一松; Jiang, Yisong
2018Empathy or forgiveness? Why some subordinates endure abusive supervision?Tung, Wai Kit Edward
2014An empirical study of how strategic orientations affect green supply chain management practices and firm financial performance in ChinaChan, So Kuen
2014An empirical study of the relationship between managerial ability and the success of strategic acquisitionsPo, Chun Wong Danny
2016An empirical study on the discount/premium rate and its influencing factors of M&A on China's A-share market施小波; Shi, Xiaobo
2016Entrepreneurship, talent and regional economic development in ChinaChu, Ya-lei
2018EOR, psychological contract fulfilment, personality, and turnoverAprillia, Cindy
2018An examination of the impacts of an IoV driver training application on training outcomes based on feedback intervention theory柏文朝; Bai, Wenchao
2018An experimental study on the determinants of homepage impression within ten secondsChung, Chun Ming
2017An exploratory study of the critical capabilities of original equipment manufacturers in the printing industry in ChinaLai, Pok Lai
2018An exploratory study of the critical success factors of Haitao shopping providers in Korea selling to ChinaShon, Hyo Min
2018An exploratory study of the critical success factors of hedge fund managementHo, Linwen
2018An exploratory study of the critical success factors of quality management of "alterations and additions works" firms in Hong Kong陈礼善; Chan, Lai Sin
2018An exploratory study of the critical success factors of retail banking in the digital eraChung, Siu Kuen
2013Exploring customer expectations for professional services firms using zone of tolerance frameworkHo, Angus