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2014A test on a stock return forecast model : evidence from the Hong Kong marketLai, Wai Man
2017Ties that bind : how social networks affect new product development team performanceChunn, Alex
2015Till gossip do we part : gossip, emotion, and interpersonal relationshipsChan, Wai Ming William
2017Top executive compensation and firm performance : a comparative analysis of SOEs and non-SOEs in ChinaWang, Wenhua
2018Unbundling institutional determinants of innovationChen, Qing
2015Understanding the influences of espoused cultural values and faith-in-others on electricity savingKoon, Wai-chee Olivia
2013The "unreal" estate : how does investor sentiment predict the future "real" estate returns of residential property in Hong Kong?Lam, Hei Ling Charles
2015"We" like fair trade products more than "I"? : The impact of self-construal on consumer reactions to fair trade productsSo, Pui Sai Patricia
2016Wealth transfer effect revisited : evidence from stock and CDS market reactions to share repurchaseJim, Wai Kee
2017Why have many US-listed Chinese firms recently announced to go private?Wong, Owen
2018Workplace ostracism and counterproductive behavior : a study on mechanism of individual cultural traits and abilities, mental status and leadership style钟军; Zhong, Jun
2016一朝天子一朝臣 : 下属逢迎行为能否促进与新领导的关系以及获得新领导更高评价并升迁?秦帅; Qin, Shuai
2014中国上市国企和民企投资行为和投资效率比较研究刘朝斌; Liu, Chaobin
2018中国企业现金持有量的研究胡婕; Hu, Jie
2015中国环境保护 IT 治理研究 : IT 资源影响 IT 纵向分权和横向分权万民; Wan, Min
2015中国电信服务营运公司库存物资分类研究任树林; Ren, Shulin
2013产业资本与金融资本融合效果研究张伟明; Zhang, Weiming
2013人格与绩效之间的曲线关系 : 威权领导的调节李进; Li, Jin
2018从贸易企业到供应链管理企业的转型机制研究张宗学; Zhang, Zongxue
2014企业外部网络与创新绩效的关系 : 动态能力的调节作用项坚; Xiang, Jian