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20143D morphology based automatic crater detection on digital elevation modelsQiao, Si Joyce
2019Accuracy assessment for spatiotemporal data fusionLiang, Zicong
2019Accuracy enhancement of land vehicle positioning using digital mapXia, Chenrui
2014Adsorption of SDS from greywater on CTAB and its analogues modified Na-zeoliteTang, Hui
2016The affordable housing demand and supply for the lower middle-income groups in Xiamen cityRuan, Ruolin
2016Analysis of consolidation settlements of soils with creep under various conditions using a finite element model and simple methodsLiu, Dong
2016Analysis of direct and indirect property markets in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and SingaporeLi, Zhantao
2017Analysis of dynamic interaction and coupling in a high-speed train based on on-board monitoring dataTong, Andi
2014Analysis of long-term monitoring data obtained by an optical fiber sensory system deployed on Dongjiang water mainsXie, Qian-li
2014Analysis of seasonal variation and impact factors of PM2.5 in urban area of BeijingLiu, Yi
2014The analysis of the barriers to 5D BIM practice in China : a transaction costs perspectiveZhou, Lei
2019Analysis of the distribution patterns of rental housing tenants in Hong KongChan, Wing Yee
2017Analysis of the influencing factors of real estate market in the Pearl River Delta region in ChinaWang, Yachen
2017Analysis of visibility issues of points cloud data based on observation locationTian, Tianyang
2015Analysis of wind environment and thermal environment using CFD technology, a study in Harbor City and Mongkok districtOuyang, Shanlan
2018Analysis on the energy saving potential of tubular daylight devices in Hong KongZhang, Yuxiang
2014Applicability of the existing public participation models in urban renewalYu, Shing Jack
2017The application of a new simplified hypothesis B method for calculating settlements of clayey soils with creepWu, Xuanyu
2016The application of building information modeling (BIM) in civil infrastructure projectsMeng, Qiuhan
2013Application of building information modeling on BEAM plus submission in residential projects : a preliminary investigationKuan, Ka Lin