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2016Key considerations of supportive environment towards age friendly community : in case of Cangji community in HangzhouJiang, Shenghua
2017Lab-scale enrichment of saline anammox bacteria : reactor performance and microbial community dynamicMi, Wenkui
2018Land use impact assessment on biodiversity in life cycle sustainability assessment : a case study of south island lineTan, Ming
2014Long term structural behavior of panel-clip connections in concealed fixing roof systemsLiu, Zhuo Wen
2015Measure hospital spatial accessibility in national geographic condition monitoring : a case study of Dongguan cityZhang, An
2017Measurements of wind loads on buildings with sky gardensWang, Jing
2017Mechanical performance and microstructure of binary cement under flow-through CO₂ curingChen, Liang
2014Microbial desalination cell for simultaneous freshwater generation, sulfate pollution control and electricity recoveryAttalage, Dinu Sankalpa
2018Mitigation of copper phytotoxicity to maize and cucumber by TiO₂ nanoparticlesLiang, Chaofu
2014Mobile positioning and tracking : innovate existing ground stability monitoring by applicationFong, Chung Yan Eliza Joann
2014A mobile-phone based indoor WiFi positioning systemGuo, Haibin
2014A modeling investigation of the impact of building openings and podium configurations on personal air pollutant exposure in isolated deep urban canyonsZhang, Xiao
2015Monitoring and modeling of urban growth process using cellular automata : a case study of Dongguan city, ChinaDeng, Fanyu
2014Monitoring-based evaluation of unsymmetric dynamic response of a suspension bridge due to railway traffic and wind loadingZhang, Chi
2018Monitoring-based structural characteristics analysis of high-speed train's bogieLu, Yang
2014Monocular vision based precise positioning system for UAV aerial refuelingLi, Xinwen
2016Neural network and genetic programming for modeling coastal algal blooms in Tolo Harbour, Hong KongWang, Quan
2015A new RAIM algorithm with the ability to detect multiple-satellite faultsLi, Yuetong
2014Noise pollution analysis supported with three dimensional GISYan, Ruqi
2013Numerical investigation into local buckling of welded high strength steel I-sectionsWang, Kai