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2005Teaching stressors, work meaningfulness and psychological burnout : an investigation of secondary school teachers in Hong KongPoon, Sai-cheong Raymond
2007Technology development strategies and corporate performance : evidence from the growth enterprise marketFok, Kai-kwong James
2010To seek or not to seek : how do cultural oreintations [i.e. orientations] of individuals affect their proactive feedback-seeking behaviour?Leung, Kai-yuen Kelvin
2010Top management intention to comply with industry standards in the China automotive industryYip, Ming Tony
2008Transferring technology from university to industry in a low absorptive capacity environment : nanotechnology and the Hong Kong textile industryWong, Hung-ho Maurice
2004Turn-of-the-year-effect in Asian stock marketsHa, Lin-tat
2006Two-tier wages and organizational justice : a study of social workers in Hong KongCheung, Moon-wah
2009Understanding the effects of social capital factors and individual motivators on knowledge sharing : a study of professional accountants in Hong KongMak, Yin-king
2005The use of derivatives and its impact on firm value : evidence from Australian firmsChan, Kai-cheong
2009Use of knowledge management systems across nations : culture-free or culture-boundLou, Lai Wah Miranda
2005Using game theory to reduce empty container repositioning cost of liner shipping companyChow, Kar-po
2007A valuation model of research and development investments and expendituresPun, Po-ping Betty
2004A web-based platform for supply chain management in a Hong Kong air cargo terminal operatorWan, Sai-chu Agnes
2008What makes customers discontent with service providers? : an empirical analysis of complaint handling in information and communication technology servicesChan, Chung-yee Hubert
2007YM 煤業集團多元化戰略研究劉向薇; Liu, Xiangwei
2014一项关于病人对医生信任的前因与后果研究 : 医生情感传递行为的作用张延武; Zhang, Yanwu
2004上海小企業發展模式研究許慧敏; Xu, Huimin
2008上海移动通讯市场顾客转换成本的影响因素及其结果的实证研究 : 以上海联通公司为例管景志; Guan, Jingzhi
2004不同组织因素及个人因素条件下授权、授权感受与组织绩效的相关性研究劉愛力; Liu, Aili
2004世紀星城項目可行性研究單義忠; Shan, Yizhong