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1997Fabrication and nonlinear optical properties of SBN/PC 0-3 nanocompositesKok, Tak-wing
2002Fabrication of MnO and CoO films using pulsed laser deposition techniqueLam, Ping-shun
2000Fabrication of nitride and oxide films using pulsed laser deposition techniqueChan, Hon-kit Robin
1999Face recognition by eigenfaces approachLau, Tse-yim
2002Facial affect recognition in Chinese patients with schizophreniaWong, Hung-kei Raymond
2002Facilities cost allocation : a reviewCheng, Wing-wo
2001Facilities provision in public housing for the elderly in Hong KongTse, Chi-cheung
1998Factors affect secondary school teachers' intention to quit their present schools and quit the teaching professionFung, Kai-cheong
1998Factors affecting perceptions of sexual harassment in the workplaceLo, Ka-man Carmen
1998Factors affecting the effectiveness of the staff development system in Industrial Centre of The Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityTam, Mei-yuk Juliana
1999Factors affecting the process quality in design, construction and maintenance of building projects in Hong KongSin, Ka-cheong Wilson
1999Factors associated with the intention of starting a new businessLiu, Kam-ying
2000Factors influencing organizational commitment in a telecommunication companyChan, Hoi-shan Bella
2000Failure mechanism of rock-like material with random distribution of flaw under uniaxial compressionAu, Chi-kwong
2000Failure mechanism of Yuen Long marbles using direct observationLam, Wai-tong
1999Failure of scaffolding in constructionSuen, Sing-wah
2001Fairness between layered multicast data transfer and TCPYu, Hong-lin
1999The falls efficacy scale in relation to balance and gait performance for elderly Chinese residentsFung, Shi-wai
2000Family-friendly policies/programs : influence on work-family conflict and organizational commitmentAu-Yeung, Mei-ling Kelvey
2000Fashion brand retailing : creating added value and customer loyaltyMa, Yuet-mei Maria