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2005Telephone-based proactive smoking cessation intervention for parents of young children : a randomized controlled trialMak, Yim-wah
2008The theory of planned behavior and nurses' intention to using personal protective equipment in Hong KongNg, Tan-tan
2003To explore the experience of Hong Kong Chinese women experiencing stillbirth and to identify their care needs : a qualitative studyLeung, Hui-yan Charity
2009To increase knowledge and awareness of influenza infection among older persons in Hong Kong : health education approachWan, Tak-ching
2009To investigate the effect of increasing mental loading on the change of heart rate variabilityYu, Kin-ho Daniel
2003Tonsillectomy, hot against cold dissection : a prospective, randomized, double-blind clinical trialNg, Tat-yuen
2014The transmission of bacteria acquired from handwashing with contaminated soaps : a simulated clinical field experimental studyLeong, Weng Si Priscilla
2004The use of art in exploring feelings of nurses in general medical wardsNg, Sau-yee
2001The use of internet for cardiac health educationPang, Kaping
2012The use of JUC physical antimicrobial spray dressing in managing radiation-induced acute skin reaction, pain and pruritus in cancer patient receiving radiation therapyChan, Chui Sim
2008Use of oral chelator (L1, 1,2-dimethy1-3-hydroxypyrid-4-ones) and subcutaneous desferal for reversing poor cardiac function and vascular stiffness of transfusion-dependent thalassaemic patientsMok, Sio-peng
2009The use of physical restraint in acute medical setting : a case study on the perspectives and practices among health care professionalsLi, Wing-on
2003Validation of Chinese version of the 'cost of care index'Tseh, Oi Yin Eva
2009A validation study of a Chinese version of the Swallow Quality of Life Questionnaire (SWAL-QOL) for oropharyngeal dysphagia in adultsLam, Pui-mei
2002Verbal communication of nurses in response to patients' and relatives' queriesChan, Wai-man
2009Visualization and classification of the heart sounds of patients with pulmonary hypertensionChen, Jinghan
2010Work limitations, workplace concerns, and job satisfaction of persons with chronic illnessLam, Yuk-ling
2009中醫食療對中國杭州社區中年高血壓陰虛體質患者作用的研究沈翠珍; Shen, Cuizhen