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1996Expert system in manufacturing of plastic product (telecommunication field)Mak, Chun-ho
1997An expert system on R&D project selectionWong, Shiu-wah Williamson
1997An expert system prototype for advising the acceptability of insurance applicationsChe, Yin-hong Patrick
1997Expert system prototype for export credit approval under the Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance CorporationIp, Yee-cheung
1997An expert system prototype for the assessment of the degree of difficulty of topographical survey tasksChow, Kwan-lam
1997An expert system using fuzzy knowledge representation to generate recommendations for the selection of small electrical appliance supplierChan, Chi-wah
1993Expert systems : the threshold of improving effectiveness in building construction cost estimatingChan, Chi-kai
1999Explaining China's regional disparities in developmentKau, Kin-tak Kevin
2021Explicit and implicit instruction, and individual differences in L2 Korean phonological rule learningSim, Sin Ae
2018Exploiting software-defined networks : DoS attacks and security enhancementGao, Shang
2019Exploiting the potential of wind turbines to provide frequency supportLiu, Xiaoge
2008An exploraratory study of factors affecting usage of information technology in support of knowledge sharing in service organizations in Hong KongChow, Ngai-keung
2010Exploration and development of benzimidazole-based phosphine ligands towards suzuki-miyaura cross-couplingYeung, Chung-chiu
2014Exploration and development of carbazole-based phosphine ligands towards Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling and Buchwald-Hartwig aminationTo, Sheung Chun
1998An exploration into the clients' experiences in the process of premature termination in the outreaching social work service in Hong KongJim, Sek-chu Ivy
2012Exploration of a new face of catalysts in general C-C and C-N bond-construction processesChung, Kin Ho
2023Exploration of alkyl-based phosphine ligands for palladium-catalyzed chemoselective cross-coupling of polyhalogenated aryl triflates for construction of C(sp2)‒C(sp2) bondPeng, Zifang
2012Exploration of environmental risk factors of fall injury for senior citizens in Kwai Tsing districtDong, Shengnan
1996An exploration of guessing patterns of the college students with varied English proficiencyChan, Steve Tai-fuk
2021Exploration of molecular mechanism of the retina agingLi, Rong