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1998Performance analysis of quality control charts in monitoring precision manufacturing processYen, Kin
1997Performance analysis of TCP/IP over ATM networkCheung, Rover Chi Ming
2001Performance analysis on classical IP over ATMTam, Kin-man Thomas
2019Performance analysis on ethereum and hyperledger fabricCheng, Cho Pang
2015Performance and emissions of a direct-injection diesel engine fueled with biodiesel and dieselWei, Long
1995Performance appraisal in Hong Kong higher educationHung, Ling
2014Performance appraisal on modern building envelopes under repeated applications of wind actionsQin, Jie-qiong
2015Performance assessment and optimization of the chilled water distribution system in International Commerce Centre (ICC)Gao, Yunhai
2019Performance assessment and robust optimal design of distributed energy systems in subtropical regionsKang, Jing
2021Performance assessment of building integrated spectrally selective radiative cooling systemYeung, Ting Lung
2018The performance characteristics of grouted macadam based on sulphoaluminate cement (SAC)Chen, Xingyu
1998Performance comparison between GSM and PCN system design in underground subwayChan, Kin-ngai
2000Performance comparison of augmented multihop lightwave networkCheng, Siu-leung
2003Performance comparison of hotels in ChinaDuan, Wan-ying Wendy
2000Performance contracting for energy : delivery on promises?Wan Yeung, Kam-shim Mary
2023Performance enhancement of fiber optic photothermal interferometry for gas sensingHong, Yingzhen
1996Performance evaluation of a VAV system using air flow rate signal to control the variable-speed supply air fanTung, Siu Lok Dennis
1997Performance evaluation of chiller systemLam, Kwok-chuen
2023Performance evaluation of colored CdTe thin film solar panelsSun, Yuhang
2018Performance evaluation of different air cleanersCheng, Tsz Ki