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2015E coli, Cu²⁺, Pb²⁺ removal from storm water by IOCS, CTAB or PolyDADMAC modified IOCSLin, Shiqi
2014E-advertisements for the companies in fashion industryGuo, Shu
2010E-commerce adoption model and evaluation for China engineered wood industryWang, Xiaodong
2002E-commerce application for construction material procurementKong, Chin-wang Stephen
2011E-learning as a tool for enterprise autonomous training : the banking system of ChinaZhou, Weiwei
2014E-medicare : webbased medical information management for central sterile supply department (CSSD)Ruan, Chenglin
2006E-park requirement and information system architecture research : on a science park caseYue, Limin
2002E-procurement application in a Hong Kong petroleum companyLee, Ho-kuen
2004E-union : a platform for communicating construction material information between E-commerce systemsHung, Pak-lun
2006E-warehouse management system and B2B integration frameworkYang, Jie
2006The early diagnosis value of brainstem auditory evoked potential for diabetic neuropathyHui, Hiu-man Human
2014Early functional changes in human diabetic retina : a multifocal electroretinogram studyLung, Chun Yee Jenny
2019The early product concept prototyping strategy in participatory design processLee, Yu Hin Brian
2000Earnings management : income smoothing incentives in Hong KongChan, Chi-wan Owen
2008Earnings quality, analysts, institutional investors and stock price synchronicityZhou, Jing
2019Earnings smoothing in banking industry through advisory fee income : do depositors matter?Yip, Heung Tung Tony
1997The earthquake resistance of building structuresChiu, Fook-luen Gordon
2023An east meets west theory of depression : from Zang Fu to neuroscienceYe, Jiajia
1996The ECAES expert system : a prototype expert system application in medical assessmentMak, Chi-tung William
1997ECG pattern recognitionYiu, Siu-keung