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19973-D simulation of hydrodynamics and sediment transport in the Pearl River estuaryMak, Tai-wing
1997An advanced dispatching system in modern lift systemsLeung, Siu-fai Henderson
1997Analysis of fuzzy systems : a describing function approachChan, Fuk-chuen
1997An analysis of the quality factors & benefits in the local shipping companiesTang, Ping-wah Samuel
1997Application of an Internet strategy to disseminate investment opportunities available in China for an investment consulting companyChow, Tat-keung
1997Application of artificial intelligence in diagnosis coding : automatic selection of principal diagnosisMak, Po-kong
1997Application of artificial intelligence in structural reinforcement designCheung, Cho-lam
1997Application of discrete element method in geotechnical engineeringMak, Ming-fai
1997Application of expert system technology to build chargeability systems on profits tax in Hong KongChing, Kit-ho Shirley
1997Application of fuzzy logic to speech codingWong, Ka-hung Raymond
1997Application of fuzzy neural network in monthly electric load forecastingKwan, Yiu-leung
1997Application of image compression for the transmission of video frame sequence over narrow-band networkLok, Chun-sing Calvin
1997Arrangement of children's daily activities of dual earners' family : views of children, patrents and social workersChan, Wing-kin
1997Assessment of electrical and environmental effects of an extra high voltage (EHV) substation/circuit in Hong KongLeung, Chi-man
1997Asynchronous transfer mode on wireless communicationNg, Kwok-on
1997Asynchronous transfer mode over satelliteWat, Wing-chuen
1997An attempt to explain the reasons why industrial equipment suppliers issue non-complying quotations during the tender stage by a survey of their beliefs and attitudesBrown, Walter James
1997Attitudes to English pronunciation learning in a self-access context at the Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyToogood, Sarah
1997Auto-tuning PID controller using neural networkBui, Tai-wah
1997Automatic brake pad gauging by machine visionLee, Tak-shing