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1994Aligning IS strategies in a multi-cultural organisation : an investigation into the impact of culture and its relationship with SOG models in IS developmentTang, Dominic Kam-chung
1994AMT adoption for business integrated manufacturing strategyMa, Bik-kiu
1994Application of expert system in crisis management in gas industryTsang, Eric F
1994The application of expert system in employment servicesLeung, Allen C. H
1994The application of information technology in facility developmentTong, Sek-por David
1994The book classifier : an automatic classification system for Hong Kong school Libraries based on Dewey Decimal Classification SchemeCheng, Tak-keung
1994Career development for shift maintenance engineers in the rolling stock depots organization of the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation : a case study in overcoming career development problems for engineering staff on shift dutyLeung, Hon-wai
1994A case study of information support for sales and marketing at two real estate agentsChow, Yun-kwan Eugene
1994A case study of the relocation of place of domicile of listed companies in Hong Kong : is it a good decision?Cheung, Wing-kong
1994A case study on change management : installing a network to integrate sales, inventory and accounting in the accounts department of a manufacturing companyPoon, Siu-kam Sara
1994Coding of speech at 16 kbit/s using low-delay code excited linear prediction (LD-CELP)Wong, Chi-keung Julian
1994Combined PID controller and neural controller for process controlTang, Siu-wai
1994A comparative study of system indices versus load point indices for bulk power systemChiang, Tung-keung
1994The competency approach to management development : with special reference to Hong Kong banking industryYip, Peter
1994Competitive strategy in transition to deregulation : a case study of Hong Kong TelecomTsoi, Andrew P. W
1994Computer aided tolerance control in process planning of precision partsChow, Yiu-keung
1994Computer simulation of [pi]/4 DQPSK and GMSK modulation techniques in mobile cellular CDMA systemChiu, Shui-ming
1994Computerized audio music recognitionNg, Sze-pan
1994A conceptual model for the implementation of trade related community wide electronic data interchange (EDI) in Hong KongKwok, Chi-keung Andrew
1994Concurrent neural networks for nonlinear self-tuning adaptive controlNg, Pong-tang