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2003Organizational learning : a framework of organizational renewalKwan, Ngan-hing Edith
2015Ownership concentration, audit committee characteristics, and earnings management : empirical analysis of Hong Kong listed companiesTse, Ping Shing
2010Ownership structure and internal control over financial reportingYip, Choi-yee
2019Pay transparency, pay structure, and idiosyncratic dealsLam, Wai Yuan Leon
2002Perceived exchange relationships and staff attitude and behaviour in the Hong Kong Police Force : a case study of Central Traffic Prosecutions BureauChan, Yiu-wing
2002Perceived organizational politics among nursing professionals in a Chinese society : direct effects on attitudinal and bahavioral outcomes and moderating effects of Guanxi and participative managementChan, Kit-ying Sandy
2005Perceived personal safety, organizational commitment, work stress and burnout : a case study of nurses in Hong KongTam, Oi-lan Irelan
2003Perceived quality, sacrifice and value : an empirical study of clients of foreign banks and local banks in ChinaLiu, Jun
2003Person-environment fit and work performance in the hotel industry of Hong KongChan, Po-wan Paul
2007Personality compatibility and individual performance : a field study of a MNC in greater ChinaYeung, Kam-tai Kenny
2004Planning and implementing of computerized supply chain management systemsLi, Oi-chun Helen
2011Preannouncement and event-period private information acquisition : a trading volume analysis of AH-shares in mainland China and Hong Kong marketsLaw, Man Wah
2010Process-based capability improvement through Six Sigma for multi-type customersWu, Wai-shing
2006Project buyout performance of Chinese International Construction Enterprises (CICEs) : the case in developing countries (Sri Lanka)Hu, Jianxin
2010The psychological mechanisms of Chinese transformational leadershipChau, Lek-chong Ricky
2020Public-private partnership (PPP) of environmental services in China: the case of Guangdong waste incinerationNg, Ho Man
2004Re-searching for a needle in a haystack : leadership as a moderator between climates and performanceLam, Po-hing Michael
2015Regulatory focus compatibility, commitment and innovation in SME coopetitionsSzeto, Sin Ho Martin
2008Relational schemas as determinants of high quality team-member exchangeTse, Yiu-ping
2009The relationship among customers' personal traits, commitment, and switching intentions : an empirical investigation in the Chinese retail banking sectorHe, Kaiyu