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2021Tourism and the alleviation of poverty : a study on rural community development in Fujian, ChinaLiu, Xinru
2020Towards a smart exhibition framework implementation: analyzing the opportunities, barriers, and underlying motivations from the perspective of attendees in the canton fairLau, Siu Fung Arthur
2016The transference of cuisine and Michelin rated restaurants : a chef's perspective of Japanese cuisine in Hong KongBaldwin, Watson Maceo
2018Travel motivations, benefits and characteristics of meditation tourism in Thailand : the international tourist perspectivePiuchan, Manisa
2021A typology of technology entrepreneurs in tourism startupsAndrianto, Tomy
2022Understanding genuine hospitality through the lens of cultural values and christianity in the PhilippinesGoopio, Joselyn Sison
2020Unified framework for predicting customer values by using a set of customer metricsManosuthi, Noppadol
2021What determines destination choice of bridal photography tourists?Xu, Di
2020What influence housekeeping supervisors’ intention to stay: the role of occupational identity, perceived occupational status, general self-efficacy and occupational commitmentLau, Kwok Hung John
2018What is academic research in hospitality and tourism management?Chin, Chi Wai David
2018Why airline transit passengers don't participate in tourism visits at transit destinations : an exploratory studyPoon, Chau Min
2017Work ethics of generation Y employees in Taiwanese chain restaurantsChuang, Shih Jung
2018中俄跨境旅游合作区政策研究张弘; Zhang, Hong
2018中国五星级酒店高管品牌识别对企业绩效的影响机制研究刘晓风; Liu, Xiaofeng
2020中国内地主题公园游客时间及空间行为和二次消费及满意度的关系研究——以荆州方特东方神画为例刘道强; Liu, Daoqiang
2018中国旅游高等教育实践教学体系构建研究汪京强; Wang, Jingqiang
2020中国本土情境中家长式领导对酒店员工组织公民行为的影响 -- 以类亲情交换关系为中介及中国文化为调节周宇华; Zhou, Yuhua
2019中国酒店数字化转型关键成功要素研究杨永彪; Yang, Yongbiao
2017中国高校教学酒店品牌化研究谷勇; Gu, Yong
2019乡村创业环境、创业资源和创业绩效的影响关系 ——来自中国民宿的实证研究韩晓燕; Han, Xiao Yan