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2015Scaffolding methods that EFL teachers employ to motivate students' learning : a Hong Kong case studyHuang, Qian
1996Self-assessment of foreign language ability : a reliable evaluation procedure and a remedy for test anxiety? A literature investigationKelly, Peter Julian
2016Shell nouns as cohesive devices in published research articlesYu, Hongyue
1998Short term consequences of relinquishment of parenting versus parenting decision among adolescent mothersLau, Siu-cho
2002The significance of addiction continuum and its implications on services to young substance abusersWong, Chung-ching Tina
1999Skill competencies required for mid level garment merchandising managersLau, Man Veca
1998Skin-cutting : the non-suicidal self-mutilatory behavior of the secondary school students in Hong KongChim, Ki-wing
2000Social interaction of adults with schizophrenia with other persons in the communityWong, Stephen
2002Social support in aftercare serviceLam, Lai-sam Lydia
1996The social support networks of residents of a care & attention home for the elderly in coping with institutionalisationHo, Kit-fan Amy
1998Social worker's perception of service quality : the case of family service settingWong, Kam-chung
1999Social workers' attitudes on applying marketing strategies for the family service centre in the non-government organizationLee, Ip-ki Ricky
1995Societal and individual bilingualism in Hong Kong : a study of students'use of and exposure to EnglishHumphreys, Gillian M
2001Sociolinguistic motivations and linguistic variations of Cantonese-English code-mixing in Hong Kong workplaceYip, Wendy
2015Spatial analysis of the heritage of Mei Ho House museum : a social semiotic studyChung, Ngan Ying
2001Special features of small NGOs and adoption of coping strategies to subvention reduction : the CEOs' perceptionChang, Siu-wah
2017The specific properties in word meaning and understanding literary textsQu, Jinghua Michelle
1999Strategic alliances of Hong Kong based clothing manufacturing firmsChan, Siu-po
1997Strategies and independent learners learning english : a case studyGriffith, Charles A
1999The strengths and weaknesses of the organizational culture of a social service agency in Hong Kong for the implementation of TQM in her outreaching serviceChan, Pik-yan Selina