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1999Understanding community needs assessment from the perspective of frontline social workers in an integrated team for young people in Hong KongChak, Tung-ching
2023Understanding learner engagement in the multimodal environment : evidence from the Chinese EFL classroomYao, Xinxin
2001An understanding on the struggle for autonomy in heterosexual relationship of deviant girlsHon, Siu-wan
1996Understanding the variables that affect the effectiveness of centre-in-charges in children and youth centresChoi, Chung-fai
1995The use of a reading comprehension test for a diagnostic purposeLee, Kam-hung
2002The use of cognitive-behavioral intervention to help adolescent students in enhancing parent-child relationshipWong, Yiu-yu Carman
2017The use of hedging devices in academic writing : a comparison of expert and student writingsWu, Xiaoyan
2016The use of multiliteracies pedagogy and systemic functional linguistic in traditional IELTS writing (task 2) curriculum : a pilot action research study of the use of multiliteracies pedagogy in an IELTS examination preparation course classroomWong, Sing Pok
2016The use of positive and negative language in the daily mail and the guardian to polarize public opinionsWilson, Kaci Wong
2016Use of technology neologisms in Hong Kong contextLee, Ka Chun Sam
2013Use of visual arts to teach English for Design studentsHe, Qiongfang Joanna
1995User factors and computer use of children and youth centres in Hong KongAu, Wai-cheung Cliff
2013Using movies to teach English vocabulary : students' and teachers' perceptions of its usefulnessZhang, Yijing Emily
1998Value added service in product development for a global apparel manufacturer : a case studyYim, Man-ying
2016The value of guided construction in a tertiary and teacher-training contextLi, Sumin
1998Vendor evaluation and certification system : a re-engineering perspectiveChan, Sau-fong
2021Views and implementation of developing children’s English reading motivation in Hong Kong kindergartens : whole language approach and teacher-directed approachKwan, Wing Yan
2013What do you really see ---the multimodal discourse analysis of videos in business English textbooksWen, Hao Tian
2022What factors affect the passion towards English learning? A case study of learning motivation in mainland Chinese ESL classroomsXiao, Yuchen
2017Who I am and how I learn : introversion/extroversion and language learningWootton, Lyndsay Marie