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2014Locating sound source in the presence of reflectionsShi, Fangdi
2019Long-term performance analysis of a GSHP system in northern ChinaXu, Shiyuan
2007Magnetic field shieldingTsang, Wai-bong
2014Magnetic field shieldingFeng, Yangqing
2018Magnetic field shielding for transformer roomNg, Kin Chiu
2017Maintenance cost of centralized hot water system in Hong KongMan, Siu Pan Stephen
2019A mathematical approach to acoustic comfort in classroomsZhang, Yanling
2020Mean skin temperature prediction for showering environmentGao, Yi Han
2023Measurement and analysis of the cooling capacity of membrane-based radiant cooling system under outdoor air conditionsLiang, Yan
2013Measurement of background ammonia and other pollutants in different places near roads in Hong KongLee, Ho Cheong
2007Measurement of luminous environment using digital cameraChan, Cheuk-ka
2022The measurement of positive air pressure and air leakage in ventilation section of full-scale toilet drainage stack and its significanceYang, Shangyuan
2016Measurement of structure-borne sound power transmission from a machine to the floorZhou, Bing
2011Measurement of total structure-borne sound power transmission from a building services machine by direct and indirect methodsLau, Ka-chi James
2009A method for computing design cooling loads in intermittent air-conditioning operationWang, Kun
2018A modeling investigation of cooling ability and wind comfort inside parksJiang, Xiling
2012Modeling maintenance manpower of a commercial buildingLai, Lam-tung
2014Modeling of the split type storage-enhanced heat recovery room air-conditioner (SEHRAC) for domestic water heatingZhang, Wenxi
2005Modelling of sanitary accommodation in large shopping mallsLam, Hui-shan
2006Multi-layer subcontracting practice in the building services industryYeung, Chui-ting