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2015Cadastral geodatabase design considering vertical and temporal dimension and city visualization in CityEngineXie, Fei
2015A campus navigation and enquiry system based on jQuery mobileHuang, Wenjie
2017A case study of a global firm for Chinese building consultants' internationalizationRen, Keyu
2015Change detection by using CoVAmCoh method for InSAR imagery processing : a case study in New Territories, HKYang, Xiaoting
2017Characterization of hysteretic models for S355 steel materials under cyclic loadsGao, Shengquan
2014Characterizations of SMA springs for seismic applicationsHe, Yifan
2013Chelates assisted phytoremediation of contaminated urban soils in large citiesZhang, Jianjun
2014Cloud detection and MCS motion tracking using MTSAT satellite imagesTang, Zhaoqian
2016Combination of adsorption and catalytic oxidation on removal of formaldehyde in low concentrationZhang, Zhuozhi
2017Combination of soil washing with biodegradable chelant and phytoremediation for brownfieldChan, Kin Yee Kinny
2017Comparative study of bridge seismic design codesWei, Ran
2018Comparing three algorithms for interpolating missing pixels in Landsat imageryZhou, Qiong
2019A comparison of change detection techniquies to detect illegal landfilling in rural areas : a case study in Hong KongChin, Sze Wing
2013Comparison of local and foreign-related developers in dispute management in Mainland ChinaZhang, Minjuan
2017The comparison of predicted highway pavement performance by computer simulation and actual performance : a perspective on fatigue crackingLi, Fangjin
2013Comparison of the organic removal of high organic wastewater with different kind of wasted bentonite by adsorptionPan, Jiaxu
2019Comparisons of different algorithms for indoor wi-fi positioningHan, Ying
2016Compressive behavior of square steel tubes filled with high strength steel-confined concreteZhang, Jian
2018Computer modelling and analysis of consolidation of soils with creep in 1D and 2D conditionsLou, Kai
2015Corporate social responsibility and financial performance : a benchmarking to real estate companies in Mainland ChinaHan, Lumeng