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2018Quantifying spatial enhanced index system for age-friendly city with a case study in Hong KongPan, Tong
2016Recreational business district and residential properties development : a case study of COCO Park in ShenzhenYao, Zongling
2016Recycling alum sludge into controlled low-strength materials for backfill useZou, Fuliao
2013Recycling waste materials and dredged sediment by stabilization/solidification : optimizing the design mixtureWang, Lei
2013Regional distribution of foreign direct investment in real estate industry in ChinaZhu, Rui
2013Removal of endocrine disrupting compound (EDC) in water in a heterogeneous Photo-Fenton process with nanoparticulate zero-valent ironZhao, Kecheng
2015Research of aerosol optical thickness retrieval through refining aerosol type by OPACWang, Hui
2014Research of Aerosol Optical Thickness retrieval using HJ-1 CCD data in the Pearl River Delta regionSong, Siyang
2013A research of affordable housing development in Shanghai : from the local government's perspectiveJi, Jin
2018A research of physiological equivalent temperature using ENVI-met stimulation model, a study in Central, Hong KongMa, Qianyun
2015Research of POI data ecosystem and quality control models based on crowdsourced feedbackWang, Shimin
2018A research of spatial structure and estimation of further urban planning based on weighting, a study in Bao An District, Shen ZhenWang, Ke
2018Research of turbulence intensity and other atmospheric parameters to evaluate the navigation accuracy of automatic-dependent-surveillance systemZhong, Lin
2018Research on marketing strategy of transparent heat insulation paints in ChinaWang, Binbin
2014A review study on fire safety provisions of road tunnels in Hong KongTo, Chi-wing
2018Reviewing the current developments of crowd sourcing in spatial technology and anticipation of crowd sourcing development in Hong KongLai, Hiu Fung
2017Satellite detection and retrieval of Asian dust storms using MTSAT imageriesLi, Jing
2017Second-order direct analysis and design of long-span space roof trussTan, Weiqi
2013Selective sequestration of sodium dodecyl sulfate with functionalized zeolite for post-treatment of anaerobically-treated greywaterLeng, Ling
2017Shape-from-shadow for 3D surface reconstructionWu, Jiaqi