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2018Gas products from the isoprene + nitrate radicals (NO₃) reaction and isoprene + ozone (O₃) reaction by using chamberZhu, Hanbing
2015Generating 3D property units in 3D cadastre from BIM model with case study in Hong KongYe, Lichao
2015GIS analysis of spatial-temporal characteristic of property prices : a case study of Tianjin city residential marketJin, Xin
2016Health condition assessment of underground water pipe monitored by fibre bragg sensory systemXu, Chi
2019How neighbors affect the border development at global scaleShen, Zheyan
2019Identification of tree health status from multispectral high-resolution images using convolutional neural networksWang, Meilian
2015Impact of building information modeling on productivity of construction industry in Mainland ChinaQuan, Kunping
2018Impact of spatial variability in geotechnical properties on building foundationsZhou, Limin
2017The impact of spontaneous activities generated by residents in public space, case study in ChengduZhong, Zheng
2014Implementation of a real-time GPS cycle slips detection and correction algorithm with single dual-frequency receiverFu, Yu
2017The implication from Zhuhai Hengqin new area on regional integration process under one country two systemsWong, Yik Yan
2017Improved SIFT algorithm for lunar remote sensing image matching with large illumination differenceZeng, Hai
2014Indoor air quality assessment of a dental hospital in Hong KongWu, Zhenbin
2015Integration of GIS and BIM for indoor emergency responseZhang, Sen
2017Investigation of railway-based radar for slope stability monitoringLi, Xumin
2017Investigation of rheological properties of laboratory and field aged fine aggregate matrixSun, Wei
2018Investigation of the effects of rejuvenators on aged polymer modified friction course asphalt materialsTan, Zhifei
2016Key considerations of supportive environment towards age friendly community : in case of Cangji community in HangzhouJiang, Shenghua
2017Lab-scale enrichment of saline anammox bacteria : reactor performance and microbial community dynamicMi, Wenkui
2018Land use impact assessment on biodiversity in life cycle sustainability assessment : a case study of south island lineTan, Ming